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Shocking Features Of World Cricket Championship 3 Game

World Cricket Championship 3 Game


Shocking Features Of World Cricket Championship 3 Game

World cricket championship 3 Game is an android cricket game developed by Nextwave multimedia. Which is an updated sequel of World Cricket Championship 2

This game got massive response and fame from users all around the world this game is one of the best android cricket game this game has 100K Installs

Right now because it is under development Next wave multimedia has launched its Beta version early access for its fans 

So the fans can enjoy this game but this game will improve day by day as it is under development after couple of months we will see this game fully developed

And this game will surely beat its competitors so without wasting any time lets review wcc3 cricket game

World Cricket Championship 3 Game


Nextwave multimedia always focus on graphics and gameplay as they know people want good eye cathy graphics so they can enjoy the realistic feeling of the game.

So continuing the glory of good graphics and gameplay Nextwave media came with amazing World cricket championship 3 Game with super cool graphics and amazing high quality gameplay

Which you might not find in any other android cricket game this game has so much customization you can create your own players , your own club team ,

Even you can field and bowl, bat however you want this is like playing realistic cricket game experience

We are sure you will feel realistic gameplay while playing this game world cricket championship 3 Game !

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Features Of World Cricket Championship 3 Game

World Cricket Championship 3 Game
World Cricket Championship 3 Game

Professional commentary :  Hindi  commentary by the famous Indian commentator Akash Chopra 

English Commentary : English by veteran Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden.

World Cricket Championship 3 Game
World Cricket Championship 3 Game

High Quality Gameplay : World Cricket Championship 3 game comes with high quality graphics, realistic gameplay,basic controls,

Multiplayer game features which will ensure an exciting gaming experience for the user.

World Cricket Championship 3 Game
World Cricket Championship 3 Game

User Experience : WCC3 has improved the gaming experience for the user by introducing various new features in Batting, Bowling,and Fielding.

Batting Gameplay : In terms of Batting,now you can play shots all over the park.User will decide the timing, footwork,shot placement of the Batsman with all new controls.

WCC3 also includes camera control for the Batsman alongside the new mechanics

For running between the wickets of the Batsman and the type of shot that Batsman plays which includes Loft,Drive and Defend.

Bowling Gameplay :  In terms of Bowling and Fielding,you can thrash the opposition through lethal variations of spin,pace and swing.

You will now have full access on the movement of fielder dives,throws,direct hits and misfields all will be in the control of the user.

World Cricket Championship 3 Game
World Cricket Championship 3 Game

Multiplayer : You can also compete with the other players to get on top of the leaderboard.

You can also test your skills against the other players in the multiplayer mode of the World Cricket Championship 3 Game .

Daily Challenges : You can also take part in the regular challenges and contests to provide you an entertaining gaming experience.

You can complete daily missions to earn various valuable rewards.

World Cricket Championship 3 Game
World Cricket Championship 3 Game

Create a dream team : You can also create your own team in WCC3 which can also include your own captain,coach, manager and players.

Customization : You can also create skillful Batsmen who can lead the side to victory by stabilizing the innings, handling the pressure, lofting and hitting all over the stadium.

Like Batsman,you can also have skillful bowlers who will destroy the opposition with their lethal spin,swing and pace with multiple types of deliveries.

You can also have sharp and quick fielders with brilliant reflexes to do the Fielding properly by accurate throws, spectacular catches, Direct hits which will lead the side to victory.

Skillful Batsmen, Bowlers and Fielders in the side are always key when you are playing against any kind of team.

Why you should download this game :

We recommend this game because as a cricket fan we always want to play realistic cricket games and if i am not wrong hy hearing the word realistic

The only thing which comes to our mind is buying a high end pc or console so there we can play such cricket games but no this game

World Cricket Championship 3 Game is super amazing game for cricket lovers in which you will experience quality graphics & gameplay and with

Lots of customization so why you are waiting go and download the early access of World Cricket Championship 3 Download ! 


We highly suggest you to play this game and in this article we have reviewed everything which you need to know about World Cricket championship 3

Game this game is currently in early access underdevelopment you might face some issue , glitches

But in couple of months when we get fully developed version of this game this game will be firing everywhere and will kill its competitors ! 

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