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Snapchat Vs Instagram Stories – Which one is best in 2020

SnapChat Vs Instagram Stories

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Snapchat Vs Instagram Stories – Which one is best in 2020

Snapchat and instagram both are the top most trending and popular photo sharing platforms which allows you to share your daily life snaps and pictures with your friends and family nowadays almost every youth and celebrity uses

Snapchat and Instagram because of its unique features snapchat and instagram have almost 1.5 Billion users across globe in this article we will discuss the unique features of snapchat and instagram stories and also we will share how you can earn from  instagram and snapchat stories so without wasting any time let’s compare Snapchat vs Instagram Stories ! 

Snapchat Vs Instagram Stories 


Snapchat is one of the most popular and trending apps nowadays in youth and celebrities because this app provides amazing features which none other app can provide. There are amazing funcatilities and Artificial intelligence used in Snapchat.

Snapchat has over 500 Million Downloads on Google play store which shows us how much trending this app is in snapchat you can only upload your photos in stories which will disappear after 24 hours

You can also send your daily routine snaps with your friends as a streak in return if they send you their snap then the numbers like (1,2,3) will appear on your friend timeline which shows you how long you both are sharing snaps with each other !

Features of Snapchat Stories

  • Filters:  Snapchat got so much fam because of its unique filters millions of people just install snapchat just to take pictures with snapchat filters
  • Texts: You can add amazing and beautiful texts in your pictures from snapchat 
  • Location Stickers: Snapchat allow you to add location stickers to your pictures wherever you are you can add beautiful location sticker of the city or place in your pictures ‘
  • Lots of Games: Now you can play different games in snapchat
  • Shocking Gifs: Snapchat allows you to add different amazing gifs to your pictures 
  • 25 Filters:  Enjoy the beautiful 25+ Filters in snapchat
  • Who can see snapchat stories:  You can change the settings of your story there are three modes Public,private,Friends,Custom  if you only want your snaps to show to your friends you can simply select friends if you want to show them public you can select public you can also select custom  mode in that you can choose your favorite friends to whom story will be shown
  • Snapchat stories screenshot:  If someone takes a screenshot of your stories,messages,profile snapchat will notify you ETC person has taken a screenshot of this !
  • Snapchat stories ads: In Snapchat once you get thousands of viewers and friends then snapchat monetize your stories and put different ads in that and then you can earn from snapchat as well !
  • Snapchat Calling: You can send and receive voice messages and can make voice and video calls with your friends.


Instagram is one of popular and trending photo and video sharing platform where the users share their best photos , videos instagram has more than 1 Billion + downloads on google play store which shows their is alot of audience on instagram , instagram was launch on october 6 2010 later it was purchased by Facebook

In Instagram there are thousands of influencer models which are getting alot of fame from instagram. If you are the person who loves to click pictures and make tiktok you surely join instagram !

 Features of Instagram Stories

  • Instagram stories filters:  In instagram stories you can add amazing filters , effects to your pictures and videos 
  • Instagram stories video length: You can add up to 15 seconds videos in your instagram story
  • Add Gifs: Add Different gifs , funny , serious to your stories
  • Instagram stories music:  Instagram allows you add music in your picture or in video that is amazing feature which snapchat doesn’t provide
  • Add Links: If you are a blogger or a website this feature will help you alot to drive traffic to your website you can link your site in your instagram story so users can simply swipe up your story and will redirect to your given link page !
  • Beautiful texts: Add animated beautiful texts your pictures and videos 
  • Instagram stories size:   You can add up to 15 seconds video in your story and can add any size picture to your story 
  • Instagram stories anonymous : if you will make your account private then no one can see your instagram stories , pictures anonymously
  • Instagram stories highlight covers: You can highlight your favorite stories to your profile so that users can simply see your best stories on the top of your profile !
  • Instagram stories screenshot: Unfortunately in instagram if someone takes screenshot of your pictures you will not be notified, in this scenario snapchat is best for you if for you privacy matters.
  • Earn from Instagram: The only method from which you can earn from Instgram is by doing promotions of brands and affiliate marketing,

Is snapchat or instagram safer?

Lots of people ask this question is snapchat or instagram safer so we will say yes they both are very safe to use but one thing you need to do to verify your accounts and do not share your password with anyone !

Snapchat vs Instagram Privacy :

If we see privacy factor for both snapchat vs instagram stories snapchat is far better then instagram or even we can say snapchat privacy is much more better than any other app in the world , if someone takes screenshot of your picture,profile, Chat or  do anything with your profile snapchat will notify you !

Snapchat or Instagram for 12 year old :

If you are finding answer for your 12 year old kid by which you will allow them to use instagram or snapchat then its clearly no because in this age the education.

Right path of career planning of children really matter maybe if you allow your 12 year old kid to use snapchat or instagram he/she might get addicted so which will cause massive destruction to their education 

Snapchat vs Instagram filters :

As we mention above that there are millions of people who just download snapchat for putting beautiful filters to their picture which clearly shows us the love for the filters of snapchat in the world is massive and instagram no where stands !

Snapchat vs Instagram users : 

There are over 500 Millions users across the globe of snapchat

There are over 1 Billion users of Instagram all over the world 

What’s better Snapchat or Instagram :

Snapchat and Instagram both are different social media platform in snapchat you can only add stories for 24 hours and send pictures of your daily to your friends while on instagram you can add videos, pictures.

As stories and posts as well you can go live with your friends so let’s suppose if you are person to whom privacy matters you can use snapchat if you are a influencer , model you can use instagram but its amazing If you use both Apps 

Thanks for reading our article snapchat vs instagram stories we tried our best to provide you with a detailed comparison between these amazing social media apps if our article really helps you then appreciate us in the comments section !

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