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Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff for Android 2020

Market Apps for selling stuff with best facts and feature.

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Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff for Android 2020

Did you have some extra stuff which you’d want to sell in 2020 or you are some business owner. Than we’ve some great apps with some Facts which you should try once to sell your products Feature, or increasing your revenue by listing your products on there.

This article based mostly on Facts and Features. You just need to read whole our article we will be providing you Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android and be relax by having cup of tea!!

1: Facebook Marketplace: buy and sell items locally

Facebook app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Facebook is the biggest Classified Marketplace! in terms of visitors also have involved in many businesses. whether it be local or it be some of expensive brand Facebook has 450 Million.

People already visit “buy and sell” Groups on Facebook each month that makes it World’s Largest Online Classified Market Place. Now creating a business page on Facebook becoming Trend these days.

Every business whether it being starting or be started before do all the stuff. They have create business page in Facebook for pushing their business into better Way Of Earning.


Facebook have highest traffic rate in the world have around 1 billion registered accounts. Currently sits at almost 2.41 billion monthly active users. As well Sixth-ranked photo-sharing app Instagram had 1 billion monthly active accounts.

Also Facebook 10 million unique monthly visitors with more than 100 million users are originated from United States. Facebook is being considered as giant online classified marketplace.

By the experts also its been supporting many local businesses with providing them some extra ordinary feature. That any other app could provide to both buyers and sellers.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • PAGE TEMPLATES: Facebook offering unique page Templates! for Businesses. Where as you can able to introduce your business far better than any other.
  • SELLING GROUPS: Its also has introduced Selling Group Feature in 2019. Where you can create the group add them and through invitation and ask your buyers to invite others to create the Community for both buyers and sellers
  • BOOSTING TACTICES: Offering you to boosting your product to make them Reach. To others but it’s not at all just you’ve to do there are some tactics which you should learn before you Boost Your Product or item on Facebook

Screen Shots :

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

2: Sell on Etsy

Sell On Esty app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Etsy is online shopping place Founded in June 18, 2005 and one of major Selling Point. Online where as both online buyers and sellers could able to make Purchases, selling in Etsy not a difficult task. It’s very easy and more reliable to sell there.

You’ve just need to open account there for Listing your product you have to pay 0.20$ to them that would be there for Etsy. Also they have around 1.7 million Registered Sellers and more than 33 million Potential Buyers around the world.

Esty having more than 1,000,000+ downloads from Playstore and also being considered one of Best App for selling.


Esty having more than 33 million buyers around the world shop for unique items. It could be better choice for you. If you are involving in some kind of business, and you always think that your product needs to have more sells.

Than choosing Esty is the best option for you because Etsy offers premium as well as free boosts for sellers. They’ve introduced the Esty Plus if you have any idea to boost than choose one of that subscription from them they also have Esty Standard.

Which not ask for any additional payments just list your product for 0.20$ and wait till someone buys from you.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • CUSTOMISE YOUR SHOP: You can Customise your shop. While selling your product that could Attract the buyers and can lead to Increase Your Sells.
  • OWN WEB ADDRESS: You can save 50% on a Custom .com address or get a store address for free for a year from Esty. It’ll add Polish to Business Cards and make it easier for Customers to find your Etsy shop.
  • BONUS LISTING: Get the bonus on 15 listing Credits. And $5 in credit to Advertise your Items with Etsy Ads each month.

Screen Shots :

3: 5miles: Buy and Sell Used Stuff Locally

5miles app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

5miles was Launched in 2014 and now it’s been spreader much faster than you’ve even thought. It is also one of popular app available in Playstore not just for that is popular for Classified marketing.

But it’s have some of Amazing Features. That might other apps have not offered. have more than 5,000,000+ download’s in Playstore and about 30,000 Monthly Listings. In this app as well it has about 202,692 monthly Web Visitors.

5miles have unique feature that you can put your product on Bidding list that could increase your sell. As well as getting you to connect, more potential buyers.


Considered as 5miles is one of free online classified marketplace for both buyers and sellers. It many active user monthly basis also one of the trusted market place from sellers have more than 1000+ listing daily there

By the sellers and have some amazing feature that you might need to check if you want to sell something online or have some involvement in local business in this era you can easily connect with buyers with using these online classified apps from Playstore.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • PRODUCT BOOSTING: 5miles allows you to list your Product on their app and they will Boost. It and let your product to Top Of Page without any Charges with this feature you can Earn better and way more Sufficient for your Business.
  • USER REVIEW’S: Its one of Online Classified Marketing App which have around ratings 4.4 out 5.0 stars. Also have much positive Comment Rate than any other Online Classified Market Place have.
  • PUT YOUR ITEM ON BIDDING: It also let you to put your Item on Bidding list. That would be Featured on the Top Of Page and will make you Sell Faster.

Screen Shots :

4: OLX Leading Online Marketplace

OLX app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

OLX is International Online Market Place which supports over more than 45 countries Internationally. Its Headquarters located in Amsterdam Capital of the Netherlands, OLX is leading and most Growing Market Place.

In online e-marketing sector. OLX supports most of local brands it also has had 11 billion page views. 200 million monthly Active Users also 25 million Listings, and 8.5 million Transactions per month. If you are looking to increase your Business Revenue than OLX might be your best option.


When it comes to say why I use OLX to sell my stuff than probably it’s the only one of best option available for local sellers. OLX is most booming sector in e-marketing you can’t compare things that OLX offers.

With the other apps in Playstore, OLX founded in 2006 by Fabrice Grinda‎, ‎Alec Oxenford. OLX have over more than 100+ categories which is waiting for your product to list them in OLX.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: OLX is free online E-marketing app which offers you to get list your Product. Free of cost and sell them Independently which having any worry to pay Commissions to third party person or company.
  • LEADING ONLINE MARKET PLACE: One of Leading Market Place Online around more than Over 30 million Downloads. Which means every 10 out of 1 smart phone user having OLX in their phone in South East Asia.
  • SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE: Also Offers you to Discover Stuff for sale nearby you or search. Some around you, it’s also allows you Increase your sell nearby you.

Screen Shots :

5: Carousell: Snap-Sell, Chat-Buy

Carousell app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Carousell is South-Asian e-market place it also now have been Reached in several other countries other than South Asian countries. But having less Impact as far been seen there. If you are from South Asia than Carousell could be best option for you to listing your Products.

Carousell have more than 10,000,000+ downloads from Google Playstore. It also have more than 1million+ Active Users daily, Carousell is one of best Marketplace for buying and selling new and Second-hand used goods online.


Also it is considered best e-marketing for buying or listing products in South-Asia as well as have little but booming. In out of the South Asia and it be also considered as will become largest e-market within a decade.

Carousell also have increase its developers to make their app more efficient and user friendly. Carousell have around more than 2,0000+ monthly product listings. One of you also might try this app on Playstore and make the world easier in terms of good sales.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • FEEDBACK: Carousell having Feedback option for buyers those who have Purchased anything by using Carousell app. They have to give the Feedback to sellers, by gain a good Reputation by earning Positive Feedback from buyer and will boast your Selling.
  • CAROUBIZ: Caroubiz is actually a Premium suite of tools that could help you to support business Branding and Operations.
  • BOOST CREDIBILITY: Allows you by connecting via Facebook, Email and SingPass. Also will let you boast your selling Online in Social Media Marketing and its more Sufficient and Effective to sell your stuff online by using boost Credibility.

Screen Shots :

6: Tonaton -Buy, Sell & Find Jobs

Tonaton app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

If you are from Africa especially from Ghana, here’s best news for you that might makes your life easy! what you are looking for. Tonaton is African Classified online buying and selling app based in Ghana.

It was first launched in Feb 01, 2013 and its be considered as Ghana’s Largest Classified Marketing App. That also available in Playstore. Thousands of users uses daily this app to Transform there their sells to increase the revenue of their household. Tonaton having 1,000,000+ download’s in Playstore app and have over more than 10,000+ monthly listings.


Tonaton is the one of most classified marketing app for the Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android. Tonaton mostly used in Africa especially In Ghana. Have announced that they’ve thinking about to increase their operations more in Africa.

That would lead to everybody to classified marketing and will help the peoples who have involving in some kind of business that could lead to improve the communicational marketing throughout not just in Africa but nearby regions too.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • FAVOURITE ADS: You can save you favourite ads for later in Tonaton. That could help to engage most of buyers if you are seller.
  • ADS PROMOTION: Can also Promote your Ads by using Bump Up and Top Ads option Tonaton to increase your sells.
  • MANAGEMENT: Manage all of your Product Listing in just one place on Tonaton.

Screen Shots :

7: Popsy – Buy & Sell Used Stuff

Popsy app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

With the amazing Facts and Features like any other app on Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android. to list your Product in Popsy could be one of best option. Available for your Business. Popsy is free Mobile App to buy and sell Second-hand items.

Having almost more 1,000,000+ downloads in Playstore and have over more than 10thousands of listing in their app. Popsy was launched in 2016 by Jean-Marie Truelle. It also becomes one of Most Popular Classified Market Place in south America as well as in the World.


Popsy is one of best option available for classified selling you can list your product free of cost out there. You can post your items you want to sell in less than 5 seconds.

In Popsy app available on Playstore and it’s 100% Free: no commissions or transaction fees that Popsy took from you. You can also make money on items you don’t need any more just list your item! and wait till some buyer contact you.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • DEALS NEAR TO YOU: You can find Best Deals near to you on Popsy and that could lead. To understand Marketing Statics also can increase your sale.
  • LISTING YOUR PRODUCT: Also can list your Product on Popsy within less than 5 seconds. You just need to take a Picture and your item is Ready for sale.
  • CHAT INSTANTLY: In Popsy you can chat Instantly with Interested buyers and get offers within minutes!

Screen Shots :

8: Melltoo: Buy, Sell, No-meetups

Melltoo app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Melltoo one of best app which plays important role in Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android. Melltoo is Online UAE based Online buying and selling app Market Place. If you are living in UAE than meltoo is one of best for your product listing.

Melltoo first launched in Dubai UAE in 2014, and become one of seller’s best priority its started once having with idea. Now it’s becoming of one of Best Online Market Place Co-Founder of melltoo Morrad Irsane, believes e-waste is one of biggest issue world is Facing.

More in Upcoming year’s, he also has partnered with local startups Fetchr, Washman and The Box to collect used Electronics.For free and reset this used e-waste and re launched them into Market. Whole money which have Collected by them have given to charity named “Salma Aid” that provides food relief for Victims of Humanitarian Crises.


It is one of user friendly app and one of the popular app in the Middle-East especially UAE. Melltoo having more than 100,000+ downloads, Melltoo also offering commissions.

For the listing the products to boom their sells and more of buyers had good experience with Melltoo its also have more than thousands of verified sellers and it could be become your daily use app if you would like to purchase or sell something online.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • REFER PROGRAM: You can Earn up to 1,000 AED for all in-app Purchases. Simply by Referring your friends in Melltoo when each of your friend that signs up for a new Account he gets 20 AED and you get 20 AED.
  • SERVICE: While using Melltoo as for Marketing than is totally best for you because you’d not need to go anywhere else. When you receive your order just go and deliver it your Courier. They will do all the other stuff just sit and be Relax lets them do all the things for you
  • USER U/X: Melltoo have user friendly “U/X”. U/X design is the Process design teams use to create products that provide good and relevant experience to user. That’s what Melltoo is Offering their users to make some great in their sells.

Screen Shots :

9: Village – Buy & Sell Locally

Village app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Just like Sawpit or any other Online Classified Marketing App. Village is also the best of e-marketing app Available in Playstore and more reliable app. In terms ofTop 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android. selling your useless used items or Marketing your products.

Village has over 100,000+ on Playstore having more than 20,000 listing. Each month by sellers they have Consider themselves as the world’s first Walk-able Marketplace. Village also sells around 30,0000 their Listing items annually and many sellers get profit by joining Village to sell their stuff online.


Village is fast, affordable and trustworthy app in terms of classified marketing and also becoming much popular within few months.

They have amazing support feature groups where you can create group and add people to it to increase your sales and customers have bargaining for product and sale to the people which offers you better.

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • EVERYTHING’S LOCAL: Village is one of Walkable Online Market Place they’ve also Consider it by Wrote in their app Description.
  • BARGAINS EVERYDAY: Village allows you to create Groups, and add your Customers, there and sale that to those who Offers you better.
  • TRUSTED AND SAFE: Most of seller Consider Village as Trusted Partner in Terms and Condition. Village has best offer to their sellers.

Screen Shots :

10: Swapit – Buy & Sell Used Stuff

Swapit app for selling stuff best facts and feature.

Swapit is Online based e-marketing app available on Playstore having around 100,000+ downloads on Playstore. Swapit brings buyer and sellers together to Exchange their items in a great Approach.

That could be Beneficial business terms to Increase your sell. And having some amazing key Features which Attracts the buyer and making more sell which leads to Profitable.


Swapit is one of most liked e-marketing app by the people who’ve used it for buying and selling used stuff available for both buyers and sellers. Sawpit also offering premium services.

It could charge your pocket savings, but for sure it’s the best way if you are trader and want to sell your stuff on daily basis and it’s also best for non-regular seller to sell their stuff by listing their un-used product which have been in your store room from past decade if you think something which you

Facts and Features! Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff In Android.

  • SELL QUICK: Swapit offers you within less than 30 seconds your Product will be List in their Listing Items.
  • CHAT DIRECTLY: Want to get Information about Product just Direct Chat your potential buyer in Private Chat.
  • EASILY SHARE: Swapit giving you easy Share option to Increase your sell through WeChat, WhatsApp, BBM, email, SMS or more.

Screen Shots :


Thank you for reading our article, so we tried our best to help you to find the Top 10 Best Apps For Selling Stuff for Android 2020, hence if you liked our article or if our article really helped you hopefully then please appreciate us in the comment section it will really motivate us.

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