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Mario Vs Donkey Kong – Which Game Is Better for You?

Mario Vs Donkey Kong


Mario Vs Donkey Kong – Which Game Is Better for You?

Mario Vs Donkey Kong video game Which One Is Better for You? As all we know about Mario it’s one of the oldest and well known game of 1990’s era. Mario Vs Donkey Kong is one of the oldest and liked games.

Its also most played games in 2004 era it’s still been one of the best games of all time as we all know. Mario is fiction character which is owner of one of biggest company.

Which sells toys and when they run advertisement on the T.V Donkey Kong saw it and love that toy to get but when he gets to the store whole toys get over not in the counter of the store.

That makes Donkey Kong angry then he decided to get these toys from Mario’s factory he get reached their and take one of them Mario workers saw and called Mario after when Donkey Kong get caught he runs away and it’s the whole game started from here.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario

Super Mario Run is an ever green jumping, coins collecting game which was first launched on Nintendo switch consoles in September 13, 1985 later it was released on other console.

After getting so much love by the fans Nintendo company who created Super Mario decided to launch Super Mario flash 2 game for mobile phones super Mario run was released on mobile phones on 22 march 2017.

Till up this game has got 10million+ downloads on google play store with over 1,452,950 reviews which shows us how much love this game has got from fans in a very short time it also shows us how much fans love Mario character still.


Donkey Kong

Its might be not wrong to say that Donkey Kong is the is one of best game if you are Mario lover, donkey kong country rom is also one of the oldest games if you are 1990’s Nintendo player than you should have known the value of that game.

Donkey Kong country roms on Playstore which is little bit different from the Nintendo one but it’s have also so much similarities, as you know you can’t get the perfect game of your childhood from Google Playstore but you can play this game to get remind all of your childhood memories easily.

I also do like this game before I play I didn’t I thought it was some good game but after play that game I recommend you to play it once. Have you know what does donkey kong mean?

The founder of game know the Kong mean “gorilla” and he wanted to name this character as “Stupid Gorilla” so when he searched for stupid he found on internet as donkey so than he choice that name for its character as “Donkey Kong”.

Donkey Kong smash ultimate is series of fiction character of gorilla video game featuring adventures of a gorilla. The game was conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981.

GAMEPLAY COMPARISON B/W Mario vs Donkey Kong Rom Gba


In this game you will be playing as a Super Mario 64 rom and you have to run and have to different challenges in your run by collecting coins and different powers you have to rescue princess peach from the Bowser’s clutches!

In your run you have to go from plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships and much more. Clear the exciting 24 courses to rescue princess peach from browser which is waiting for you at the end of the run at the castle.

You can collect as many coins as you can so that you can beat your friends high scores as well, you can make your own kingdom by collecting as many coins.

If you rescue princess and other characters they will be also joining your team you can play from which character you like each character has different uniqueness.

Super Mario world rom run game has amazing 2D graphics which still many people love with awesome gameplay which will remind you the old days when you started your gaming journey by playing Mario game many gamers started their journey with this super Mario game!


Over millions of peoples now a days have a wish to go in the past old days, in this era where games are full of realistic graphics and gameplay. Many peoples want to remind their golden old days.

They still have a wish to play old 2d games which they played in their childhood many of the peoples still remember this Donkey Kong character they want to play as a Donkey Kong and revive their childhood memories.

Family tree of Donkey Kong is an adventurous and challenging game where you face different challenges and have to collect bananas by escaping from enemies.

The more bananas you will collect the more score you will gain each challenge you get much difficulties and different kind of obstacles to get to the new level.

Key Features of Super Mario Run:

  • Stunning Graphics: Amazing 2D graphics with easy gameplay.
  • Different Characters: Play as different characters like princess peach, Mario and much more.
  • Challenging Levels: This game is very challenging and difficult it is not easy as it looks like you.
  • Difficulties: In your run you will be facing different challenges like you have to face horror ghosts, plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships and much more.

Key Features of Donkey Kong Classic:

  • 2D Graphics: Amazing 2D graphics with challenging gameplay.
  • Different Enemies: You will face different enemies on every level.
  • Challenging Levels: This game is very challenging and difficult it is not easy as it looks like you, you have to collect bananas by escaping from your enemies.
  • Difficulties: In your run you will be facing different challenges like you have to collect the bananas and to fight back to your enemies and take down them to get new level.


Super Mario Run:

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has over 100 Million downloads on Google Playstore with 14 million reviews which clearly shows us this game has achieved a lot in a quick time this game is the best editor choice game on android.



Get it on Google Play

Donkey Kong Classic:

Donkey Kong Classic

Donkey Kong Classic is runner game has over 10k plus downloads on App store with 37 reviews. Donkey Kong aslo have unblocked games donkey kong series you can find easily on Google.

Which shows us this game is also recent launch on Google Playstore. Although Super Mario Run has beaten this game with number of downloads.

But this game is not far from Super Mario Run maybe it took some time or years to beat Mario but hopefully maybe in future the game will give tough time to Mario.



Get it on Google Play


We reviewed both games on the demand of our audience we share all the positive of these games Mario vs Donkey Kong tipping stars which one is better if you ask from us both games has different stories.

If you ask from us which game is better, we will surely vote for Super Mario Run because it is a legendary ever green game which has a lot of fan base and millions of downloads with challenging gameplay also with having amazing 2d graphics (64 rom). Super Mario clearly beats Donkey Kong

Thank you for reading our article, Super Mario Run Vs Donkey Kong which one is better so we tried our best to help you, hence if you liked our article or if our article really helped you hopefully then please appreciate us in the comment section it will really motivate us.


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