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Best Quiz Apps for Teachers (Money Quiz Apps)

Quiz Apps for Teachers


Best Quiz Apps for Teachers (Money Quiz Apps)

Quiz apps and games are one of the most entertaining and fun to play. Quiz games and apps helps us a lot to sharp our mind and test and increase our brain intelligence. In this article Best Quiz Apps for Teachers we will share with you quizzes apps that will help teachers to increase their knowledge and brain intelligence so that they can further teach good things to their students!

Why Quiz Apps for Teachers Are Important?

Almost every teacher loves to learn and share their knowledge with their students and so on why these quiz games apps are important because by playing these games we get to know many important things and it also test our brain intelligence with different challenges.

it is very important for teachers because for a teacher learning never ends so they also need to refresh their mind so that they can teach to students. So without wasting any time let’s start Best Quiz Games Apps for teachers!

Best Quiz Games Apps for Teachers!

1. Quizizz: Quiz Games for Learning


Quizizz: Quiz Games for Learning is one of the top best quiz apps for teachers which has (1 million+) downloads on Google Playstore with 4.7 star ratings, this quiz maker app helps us a lot to increase of brain intelligence and also help us to learn several new things like history, geography, science

This app covers questions from math’s, science, history, geography, ACT, SAT, AP, CSS exams. We recommended you to use this app it is one of best quiz apps for students who wish to make their exams perfectly clear with getting high marks.

If you ever wonder to make your knowledge increase as teacher and want to teach much thing related to increase beyond of knowledge to your students also you as a student and every student wants to learn new things to boost their capacity of coughing knowledge easily than you should try this once.

Some of Features of the Quizizz: Quiz Games for Learning:

  • Preparation of International Examinations: In this quiz making apps you can prepare yourself for various exams all over the world and also for local government jobs examination as well for entry test preparation for universities and for colleges.
  • Increase your General Knowledge: There are thousands of amazing general knowledge questions that will boost your general knowledge.
  • Create your Profile: By logging in this app you will be able to create your profile and monitor your profile by answering tons of questions and playing different quiz mobile apps you will be earn points on every question that will you correctly answer.
  • Compete with your Friends: Play quiz apps multiplayer with your friends and family and compete with them.

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2. Quizup (New Quiz App)


Quizup is the one of very challenger and addictive application for the users who love quizzes, have you ever answer the quiz from the application that you’ve download? If no and you want to know much about the applications which boost your intelligence by letting you to have answer the quizzes.

Almost many people in daily routine play a lot of games read new things and learn new ways to change and make another day better but its be quite hard for you if your IQ level is not as much as compare to other normal peoples.

Apps with having quiz apps for money and trivia questions have been created to make your IQ level increase as much as you make them part of your life as daily routine. These types of apps like quiz apps for couples are being also created for couple to enjoy their meantime together and compete together which helps couples for long term relationships.

Some of Features of the Quizup (New Quiz App):

  • People you Play Quizzes: There’s around millions of online users available to whom you can play quizzes and learn lots of new thing make your profile strong as much as you can.
  • Daily Tournaments: Be the part of tournament and earn points to Prove your mettle.
  • Make New Friends: You can meet and compete with different peoples and can have chat with them.
  • Ton of Topics: The application has to offer too much of topics they also have topic related to memes and with everything which can help you to increase your knowledge.

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3. Quiz of Knowledge 2020 – Free Game

Quiz of Knowledge 2020

As we know knowledge is the power and been always thought us that you can’t win the war with weapon but can wisdom of knowledge hence it been proven true many heroes’ we know today won that war with having superiority towards to their knowledge.

How you can increase your knowledge? As we all know knowledge based on 3 factors! One the way you think, 2nd the way you how fast you caught the things, 3rd the way you how easily observe the things. These are the basic factor to increase your knowledge and application which make you learn, make reflect the new things, and you observe them that the way you increase your IQ level.

This application having more than 5m+ installs and 4.4 star ratings according to Google Playstore also you need 4.4 (Kitkat) or higher version to install it. We recommend you to play this because with having fun you learn a lot of new things too.

The questions belong to 16 categories and are updated on a weekly basis. The categories are as follows:

 • History
 • Geography
 • Theater
 • Music
 • Science
 • Religion
 • Arts
 • Space
 • Sports
 • World Mythology
 • Science
 • Arts
 • Technology
 • Animals 
 • Politics
 • Language 

Some of Features of the Quiz of Knowledge 2020 – Free Game:

  • Time to Answer the Question: You will get 20 seconds for each question and within it you have to answer if you unable to answer with require timing than you’ll lost your point.
  • Number of Life Lines: You get 3 Lives within these you need to answer all the question that were have to asked from you.
  • Answer Fast Earn More: As fast as you answer as much as you earn point if you answer faster you’ll get more points.
  • Get Life with Answering: If you lost 2 of your lives don’t worry the app have solution for you answer the 5 questions correctly within row and get one extra life.

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4. TRIVIA 360 (Quizzes for Learners)


Trivia 360 is one of the well-known quiz apps android application for the android users with having more than 5million+ downloads and also with 4.5-star rating according to Google Playstore. It’s the best game to play quiz apps free with lots of different topics and challenges as much as you go further the level as much as it become harder.

You got lots of different challenges from different topics you can also play brain games with a vast verity of Trivia Quizzes. The quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

Some of Features of the TRIVIA 360 (Quiz Apps for Classroom):

  • User Interface: Interface of the game quite amazing if you play once you’ll definitely love this game.
  • Leaderboard Access: You can get access to leaderboard and see your performance and other players too.
  • Increase your General Knowledge: There are thousands of amazing general knowledge questions that will boost your general knowledge.
  • Quizzes from Different Categories: There are Level based quizzes the app have to offer you as you passed the previous level than you will get new level harder the one you last play.

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5. Quiz It: Multiple Choice Game

Quiz It

Quiz It, is one of the multiple quiz apps online choice game which means you can answer multiple choice images & questions about topics from all over the world. It also has the multiplayer quiz option which can use to play with your friends and also Challenge them quizzes and see how many fun trivia questions you can answer correctly.

With having less than half million download and also 4.5 star-rated application seems lots to offer new players who want to increase their IQ level and also could be best if you are starting to learning about different things or exams.

Some of Features of the Quiz It Multiple Choice Game:

  • Multiple Option Choice: You get multiple option choice when you play quiz and attempt them correctly with your thoughts and knowledge.
  • Helpful Clues: If you stuck in somewhere there’s an option of “HINT” there which you can use to get clues.
  • Log in with Social Media: Login with your social media platforms like Facebook and Google and see your friends engage them with you to play quiz apps on Facebook.
  • Ask for Help: You can ask your Facebook friends for help when you stuck!

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Thank you For Reading our article Best Quiz Apps For Teachers we tried our best to provide you with the best Quiz Apps For Teachers.

In these apps you can learn do quizzes and make them part of your life to learn new things make your IQ level increase with the help of apps like quizzes, remember us in your Prayers Keep Supporting !

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